مدارک مورد نیاز

• Bank statements

• Passport (current & expired) & I-94

• Tax return for last five (5) years (with English translation)

• Birth Certificate for principal applicant (with English translation)

• Household registration (with English translation)

• Marriage certificate (with English translation)

• Business card

• Chronology of Status while in the U.S. with supporting documentation

• Form W-8 BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner

• The source of funds documents will depend on the history of the capital you are using for the investment. For example, if it is the sale of a home, you will need the bill of sale and the property deed. For the money trail you will need the banking documents that show the funds enter your personal account and relevant wire out. 
There are many other factors at play, such as the length of time you owned the home, which may require more documentation than this illustration. Source of funds documents will be sent to USCIS as supporting evidence for your I-526 petition